Advice & Tips



Those who want to get their exercise started in a calmer and more comfortable way can start using Weightsoles during long walks, in their free time, or even at work. You will benefit from the effect of Weightsoles in all activities where the foot leaves the ground, so try the weighted insole during one of your regular workouts or on a run and your muscles will tell you about it the next day!



Several of our Heroes use their Weightsoles to reach the next level in their training in padel, dance, tennis and basketball, for example. They use their weighted insoles during training and then remove them on match day. When the match or show gets started they feel lighter, faster and more dynamic. In other words, there are many areas of use for Weightsoles and they can be used at many different levels.



Weightsoles also work as a type of rehabilitation insole. For people who need to start exercising in order to strengthen and activate their muscles after illness or injury, or after a heel spur problem for example, Weightsoles can be used during the recovery process or as a exercise tool. With increased resistance in the form of an orthopaedic weighted insole that provides comfort, stability and shock absorption, it is a gentle way to exercise.

How to use Weightsoles

1: Untie the shoe laces and take out the shoes’ removable insoles.


2: If necessary, trim Weightsoles with scissors using your original soles as a guide.


3: Place your Weightsoles in your shoes and make sure they are flat.


4: Your Weightsoles may take up a little more room in your shoes, so re-lacing completely is important for a good fit and comfort.


5: Wear your Weightsoles for 2-3 hours on the first day, and for as long as possible for the next 3-5 days.


6: After 3-5 days you should be ready for a full-blown workout!